Marcus Hiles Notes Importance Of Pet-Based Amenities

Jane Margolies explained in a Jan. 22, 2016 New York Times article the evolution of animal-oriented features from sporadic first appearances in 2000 to their prolific installations in 2016, noting, “When “pet spas” were introduced in high-end residential buildings a decade or so ago, they might have seemed like another flash-in-the-pan perk. But they’ve not […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses Benefits Of Natural Landscaping

When natural landscaping is correctly used for homes it generally requires very minimal upkeep when compared to other options, requiring no pesticides, fertilizers, or excess watering. Native plants have evolved and adapted to their surroundings over thousands of years, unlike traditional lawns, making them the ideal choice. If properly planted, they should be able to […]

Unique Amenities of the Estates Brand- A Luxury Living Designed by Marcus Hiles

Estates residences are gated and offer urban-style all-elevator means of entry to every unit, along with luxurious outdoor and community areas. Each has a resort-style swimming pool and tanning deck, on-demand concierge assistance, and high-tech fitness range. The brand’s lavishly selected apartments and townhomes, matched with resort-style amenities, entice a wide swath of Millennials, young […]

Marcus Hiles – Texas Pro-Growth Policies Lead to Increased Productivity

Texas growth policies have encouraged companies and foreign investors to relocate their business to the state. CEO of Western Rim Property Services Marcus Hiles noted that, due to this increase in business, more workers have been employed and productivity within the state has risen. Forecasts for the economy look promising thanks to the state’s policies. […]

Marcus Hiles Keeping Communities Quiet And Green

Across the 15,000 upmarket residences developed by Marcus Hiles throughout Texas, cellulose sound insulation gives renters the feeling of residing in their own hideaway from the outside world. Though each property exhibits the developer’s vision of community-centric features, such as expansive recreation centers and modern business centers, Hiles understands the need for residents’ private home […]

Marcus Hiles Points To Benefits Of Suburban Communities

Marcus Hiles, Western Rim CEO, counsels renters looking for a new community to pay attention to the amenities that will make a difference in their lives. “Families should focus on areas with top-notch school districts, while golfers can seek out developments near championship courses,” he notes. Hiles urges everyone to search for communities offering easy […]

Marcus Hiles Delivers For Millennials, Boomers Seeking Mobility

Says developer Marcus Hiles, Dallas is experiencing a new norm in urban residential living, similar to several of the fastest growing major U.S. cities including Houston, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Working millennials and retiring baby boomers increasingly want luxury amenities without the labor involved. But, the there are numerous […]

Marcus Hiles Grows Tree Canopy Over Dallas

Increasing the tree canopy of the Dallas metroplex is part of Western Rim’s long term goal to develop sustainable communities throughout the region. CEO Marcus D. Hiles of Dallas is known for planting more than 2,500 trees each year and surrounding his communities with parks, trails, and common green recreation areas. This generates oxygen and […]

Hiles Discusses $48.4 Billion Invesetment In Texas Businesses

Marcus Hiles notes that the total amount of U.S. capital investment rose $16 billion from 2014, according to a report from multinational agency Ernst & Young. Texas recorded $48.3 billion in business financing, the most in the country. The Gulf Coast states, traditionally leaders in the energy industry, attracted the highest number of investors for […]

Marcus Hiles Offers Upgraded Amenities As Standard

Marcus Hiles has a savvy yet simplistic business plan for an extraordinarily successful property investor: figure out what customers want and then work to exceed their expectations. All of Western Rim’s properties are built with the highest quality materials and what would be considered an upgrade at most communities, Hiles delivers as the standard. He […]