Western Rim Properties Opens Three New Rental Properties This Spring

Texas-based Western Rim Properties will soon open the door to three new Dallasrental communities. The firm that has been growing its presence in the DFW rental market for the last 30 years has established 25 properties in the state. Comprised of the firm’s signature rental styles that include popular luxury apartments, adult living communities and townhouse […]

Co-living Communities are Becoming a Popular Commercial Investment

Businesses that need to draw in and retail new talent to their organization’s workforce are looking at modern alternatives that focus in on housing as a way to foster corporate attraction. Co-living community projects are a growing sector in today’s corporate housing options that blur the lines between residential and commercial real estate. These investments […]

The Impacts of the Downturn of Shopping Center Development

Real estate development continues at a fast pace across the country for both residential and commercial properties but not all projects are created equal. The retail space has endured significant decreases as consumers move away for tradition in-store shopping behaviors and adopt more ecommerce consumption. This has had a direct impact on not only the […]

Western Rim Properties to Introduce Five New Developments in its Mansions Communities

Texas based property development firm Western Rim Properties is nearing the finish line for four of its upcoming 2019 rental complex additions. All part of the firm’s The Mansions rental communities that span across the state of Texas, two of the properties will open their doors in spring and the rest will come in the summer […]

Marcus Hiles Points To Benefits Of Suburban Communities

Western Rim Properties Brings Adult Living Communities Into its Development Strategy

Established in 1988, leading property development firm Western Rim Properties has played a critical role in the up rise of the Texas rental market. Over the last 10 years alone the firm has introduced over 25,000 units and over 20 communities that span top Texas cities including Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston along with […]

The City of Worcester, Massachusetts Plans to Stage its Comeback

Urban renewal and revitalization is a trend that continues in locations positioned within close proximity to leading cities that often played a role in industries that have since died from their peak days. Once part of the state’s mill and factory towns that drove much of the Massachusetts commercial development, the city of Worcester has […]