The New Building Trends in the New York Rental Market That are Reducing Costs & Waste

As more restraints are being put on today’s developers building out the next generation of housing properties, a new wave of property styles are popping up that focus on efficiency of resource consumption and labor. The ability to reduce cost of investment and turn-around time is what most often stands in between a project idea […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses Latest Trends in Luxury Living

What Amazon’s HQ2 Decision Means for New York’s Long Island Housing Market

This week Amazon dropped some surprising news that not only were they going to enter two new locations with their HQ2 investment, one of those areas turns out to be Long Island, NY — home to an already top priced rental market. The choice many are calling unlikely has some surprising data to back up […]

Marcus Hiles Provides New Insight into Smart House Technology

Creating the Future’s Top Locations Through Property Development

New York, November 13, 2018, A city of nearly 8.5 million, New York City is one of the biggest in the world. Attracting residents from all over, the metropolitan area has something to offer for everyone looking to experience city living. With the majority of the population renting, there is also an ongoing cycle in […]

Marcus Hiles - Donates Computers for Students Through Philanthropic Endeavors

Rental Market Trends: Where the Rental Industry is Growing Nationwide

The year of 2018 has seen fluctuations in housing trends. From the downturn of new single-family home construction, increases in real estate flips and sprawling residential communities popping up across the nation, the market has been in a transition to meet the demands of today’s homeowners in a way that will support future generations to […]

With Environment In Mind, Hiles Offers Ways To Cut Water Waste

National Rental Prices – Where the Opportunity Is for Today’s Renters

A lot of things impact rent: building size, amenities, housing availability, proximity to central areas and most of all location. When looking nationally the rent variations from city to city can be extreme – especially when comparing historically high-priced areas with that of relatively new up and coming areas. It comes down to the area’s […]

One of Today’s Top Markets is Making an Industry Hub Out of San Antonio

Texas and its top metro areas have been making a name for themselves as leading markets in the tech space. Places such as Austin and the state’s metroplex of Dallas have been building and planning their key role in the country’s tech space with a focus on harboring new technology and spawning the world’s next […]

Austin Population Surpasses 2 Million and Growing

The city of Austin, Texas has officially passed the 2 million mark with a population that continues to grow vastly year over year. Having reached a popular position in the national economy and as a place attracting both companies and talent from across the US and even world, Austin continues to capitalize on its unique position in the state […]

Time Recognizes Texas as the Nation’s Best Place to Live

DALLAS, September 27, 2018 –  Texas once again charts the ranking for today’s best land of opportunity in both residential and commercial arenas. Frisco, Texas, a once sleepy town of 6,500 residents just over two and a half decades ago, the city now boasts 180k+ residents and has been named the single best place to […]

Investment Opportunity is Growing Across the North Texas Community

Growing the North Texas startup community are new business events like this week’s North Texas Investor Pitch presented by the Addison group, Ten Capital. Focused on corralling together investment opportunities local to the North Texas area, the event attracted both accredited investor groups and high quality startups to connect and stimulate the area’s new business […]