Marcus Hiles Discusses the Need for Political Support of Private Sector Growth and Public Education

Marcus Hiles has been a prominent real estate developer and innovator for more than thirty years. A dynamic personality, the CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services singlehandedly transformed the Texas rental market by creating upscale communities throughout suburban Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. As the real estate industry represents the largest contributor […]

Marcus Hiles Offers The Luxury of Space: Upscale Lifestyles Without Added Square Footage

Real estate was once all about the square foot measurement of space. Texas real estate developer and philanthropist Marcus Hiles has changed that philosophy to reflect what contemporary apartment dwellers really seek: free space. Designing residential neighborhoods that have a decidedly upscale look and feel without significantly adding to the square footage measurements of each […]

As Architecture Trends Outdoors, Marcus Hiles Discusses Popular Concepts

Architectural trends have extended to hot property designs which boast low maintenance and high style. Western Rim’s Marcus Hiles has watched first-hand as the desire for open-air spaces that are sustainable and reduce costs has steadily risen. Conservation-minded choices such as rainwater and graywater harvesting systems and permeable pavement are becoming more common throughout the […]

Marcus Hiles Notes Increase In Eco-Friendly Demand

Marcus Hiles points to architectural trends extending outdoor, with a desire for designs boasting low maintenance and high style. The demand for outside spaces that are sustainable while reducing costs is growing quickly, with eco-friendly, conservation-minded choices such as rainwater/graywater harvesting and permeable pavement leading the way. Utilizing a rooftop collection system, rainwater harvesting stores […]

Marcus Hiles Offers Tricks To Cut Your Energy Invoice

Prominent real estate investor Marcus Hiles, from the lone star state, notes four tricks that will permit apartment hunters and homebuyers to dramatically lower their energy bills. As Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles implements these energy saving suggestions in every apartment and home he builds. He always makes sure windows are […]

With Environment In Mind, Hiles Offers Ways To Cut Water Waste

Marcus Hiles offers a few simple water conservation tips to help residents lower their carbon footprint. Water, especially when heated, is a significant source of emissions in most developed countries, with over ten gallons being used per person each day. Just taking shorter, cooler showers, fewer baths, and turning off the faucet when brushing or […]

Marcus Hiles Encouraged by the City’s Green Initiatives

Marcus Hiles, founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, was pleased to hear the city of Fort Worth’s announcement to create additional green space in the historic neighborhood of Fairmount. The renowned real estate developer has been providing Texans with ecologically sustainable luxury living for over three decades, and is proud to see his […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses Latest Trends in Luxury Living

In 1990, real estate investor Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Property Services, a Dallas based development firm that specializes in the construction and management of affordable upscale rental properties. Over two decades later, the company leads the luxury living market, managing the most elegantly designed and thoughtfully equipped communities available in the state of Texas. […]

Marcus Hiles Encourages Expansion in Texas Suburbs

When Marcus Hiles first launched Western Rim Property Services more than thirty years ago, he discovered an opportunity to cater to the then-ignored upscale rental segment of the Texas real estate market. Driven by a vision for creating affordable luxury living, he sought to build in suburbs that were closely located near the state’s largest […]

Marcus Hiles Introduces Revolutionary Amenities That Cut Monthly Expenses

Prominent and well-respected real estate developer Marcus Hiles has brought luxury living to thousands of Texans with rental apartment homes featuring cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art appliances. In addition to providing residents with affordable yet upscale conveniences, he presents revolutionary amenities that elevate daily life and lower monthly expenses in an eco-friendly way. While there are […]