Marcus Hiles Discusses Latest Trends in Luxury Living

In 1990, real estate investor Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Property Services, a Dallas based development firm that specializes in the construction and management of affordable upscale rental properties. Over two decades later, the company leads the luxury living market, managing the most elegantly designed and thoughtfully equipped communities available in the state of Texas. […]

Marcus Hiles Encourages Expansion in Texas Suburbs

When Marcus Hiles first launched Western Rim Property Services more than thirty years ago, he discovered an opportunity to cater to the then-ignored upscale rental segment of the Texas real estate market. Driven by a vision for creating affordable luxury living, he sought to build in suburbs that were closely located near the state’s largest […]

Marcus Hiles Introduces Revolutionary Amenities That Cut Monthly Expenses

Prominent and well-respected real estate developer Marcus Hiles has brought luxury living to thousands of Texans with rental apartment homes featuring cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art appliances. In addition to providing residents with affordable yet upscale conveniences, he presents revolutionary amenities that elevate daily life and lower monthly expenses in an eco-friendly way. While there are […]

Marcus Hiles Proudly Supports Major Environmental Initiatives

For prominent real estate developer Marcus Hiles, environmental stewardship is a driving factor of his long-term plan for success. Since founding Western Rim Properties more than thirty years ago, Hiles continues to advocate for initiatives that support conservation, reduce waste and decrease pollution. With a reputation for responsible construction practices that utilize sustainable materials, energy-efficiency […]

Marcus Hiles Examines the Importance of Recreation and Active Living

UK based medicinal journal, The Lancet, recently released studies that suggest a sedentary lifestyle is more damaging to one’s health than smoking cigarettes, and that between six and ten percent of all the world’s non-communicable diseases are caused by physical inactivity. The CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles has been creating impactful communities […]

Marcus Hiles On Austin Being the Top Place for Startups in America

When asked where the top city for tech startups may be, most people would guess the San Francisco Bay area or Silicon Valley. But surprisingly, the correct answer is Austin, Texas. In addition to decades as a music mecca – the international South by Southwest Festival is held here every year – Austin has been […]

Marcus Hiles Argues for Benefits of Planned Communities

Planned cities, such as the colonial forces of Jamestown, Philadelphia and Charleston, have been shaping America since the 16th century. Today, Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, believes that designed communities are not only beneficial to residents, but integral to the country’s real estate market. The Dallas real estate investor has been constructing […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses the Latest Current Architectural Design Trends

Real estate developer Marcus Hiles has been building attractive communities across Texas for the last three decades. His success can be attributed to a unique vision of luxury living that has driven his projects—but also by staying well informed of design trends and knowing the most sought-after styles that people demand. Sweeping changes have affected […]

Marcus Hiles Provides New Insight into Smart House Technology

For more than three decades, Marcus Hiles, Dallas Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, has been creating luxury rental communities across Texas. Unmatched in contemporary design and resort-style conveniences, the homes, townhomes and apartments he has built are highly regarded for their cutting-edge, energy-efficient amenities. Staying well informed about innovations in smart house technologies, […]