Marcus Hiles On Austin Being the Top Place for Startups in America

When asked where the top city for tech startups may be, most people would guess the San Francisco Bay area or Silicon Valley. But surprisingly, the correct answer is Austin, Texas. In addition to decades as a music mecca – the international South by Southwest Festival is held here every year – Austin has been […]

Marcus Hiles Argues for Benefits of Planned Communities

Planned cities, such as the colonial forces of Jamestown, Philadelphia and Charleston, have been shaping America since the 16th century. Today, Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, believes that designed communities are not only beneficial to residents, but integral to the country’s real estate market. The Dallas real estate investor has been constructing […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses the Latest Current Architectural Design Trends

Real estate developer Marcus Hiles has been building attractive communities across Texas for the last three decades. His success can be attributed to a unique vision of luxury living that has driven his projects—but also by staying well informed of design trends and knowing the most sought-after styles that people demand. Sweeping changes have affected […]

Marcus Hiles Provides New Insight into Smart House Technology

For more than three decades, Marcus Hiles, Dallas Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, has been creating luxury rental communities across Texas. Unmatched in contemporary design and resort-style conveniences, the homes, townhomes and apartments he has built are highly regarded for their cutting-edge, energy-efficient amenities. Staying well informed about innovations in smart house technologies, […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

Due to heavy usage of gas, electricity, water and waste disposal, the housing sector is often the largest portion of an individual’s carbon footprint. Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, recently discussed the many steps his corporation takes in order to provide environmentally friendly and energy-efficient residences, and what occupants can […]

Marcus Hiles Western Rim Properties Bring Elegance to Eco-Friendly Living

For Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, sophisticated design and ecologically responsible housing are mutually important. The innovative real estate developer who singlehandedly altered the Texas real estate market with his creation of luxury apartments and townhomes has maintained the highest standards for protecting the environment. With upscale rentals that are seamlessly […]

Marcus Hiles Transforms the Dallas Real Estate Scene

Before visionary developer Marcus Hiles arrival on the Dallas real estate scene, there was a definite gap in the market for luxury rentals at affordable prices. Almost three decades ago, Texas was experiencing a surge in housing sales, leaving hopeful homebuyers with little inventory to choose from—and those that were moving were selling at over-inflated […]

Marcus Hiles – Offers Insight on the Importance of Onsite Walking Trails

Eminent Dallas property developer Marcus Hiles knows what renters want when choosing a new home. Yet one important feature probably remains off of most people’s checklists of must-have amenities: walking trails. Hiles advises apartment hunters to be on the lookout for a clear presence of recreational pathways throughout the site of the unit. As the […]

Marcus Hiles Presents Special Amenities of Western Rim’s Mansions Brand

To help apartment hunters become more selective and astute in their search for luxury rentals, prominent and well-respected Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles offers advice on what to look for in a potential home. Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles has been building upscale rental communities that feature lavish, well-equipped units […]