Western Rim Properties Opens Three New Rental Properties This Spring

Texas-based Western Rim Properties will soon open the door to three new Dallasrental communities. The firm that has been growing its presence in the DFW rental market for the last 30 years has established 25 properties in the state. Comprised of the firm’s signature rental styles that include popular luxury apartments, adult living communities and townhouse rentals; the new projects opening this spring will be strategically located around central rental population segments. These city locations where renter populations reside, often have a growing network of business and shopping districts, medium to upper class incomes with majority young professional and family demographics which fits into the consumer base Western Rim serves.

Marcus Hiles - CEO and founder of Western Rim Properties
Marcus Hiles – CEO and founder of Western Rim Properties

Two key locations are the focus of the firm’s spring 2019 development investments, including the Northern Dallas City of Farmers Branch as well as the Eastern Suburb of Rowlett. These new projects are split across rental properties, The Mansions and The Towers which already have existing communities in the DFW metroplex. Western Rim is not new to the locations of its newest spring projects either, with two property investments already established in Rowlett, Texas; a growing, upscale community in the Dallas-Fort Worthmetroplex that was reported to have over $1.5 billion in major development last year. “Our projects focus on being positioned in and around the major investments and economic growth taking shape throughout the state of Texas. With populations rapidly expanding year over year, the goal is to ensure there are long-term professional opportunities and improved lifestyles for the renters of our communities to ultimately attract more and longer-term tenants,” shares CEO and founder of Western Rim, Marcus Hiles.

Both The Mansions and The Towers properties will offer tenants one to four bedroom options in apartment style and townhouse living. “All of Western Rim’s properties come fitted with the accommodations and amenities today’s city renters have come to expect. Each rental unit in our developments are furnished with high end finishing, energy conscious appliances and upgrade options. Through offering residents, the benefits of homeownership without the long-term commitment, populations are turning to rental options as a way to ensure affordability while also having flexibility in the long-term,” 30-year veteran in the rental property market Marcus Hiles shares as principal trend today’s developers are focusing on.

Property firms all around Texas are attributing success from rental properties to many different factors spanning from the unpredictable and limited housing market, diversity of property styles, and the overall changing environment of rental populations. No longer are rental communities falling into one category of property style, demographic, price point or accommodations. Western Rim Properties has kept its new developments tapped into the different demand factors that attract renters in the DFW area and only plans to continue expansion in the metro with its upcoming spring and summer projects that will open this year.

Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles Author

The Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Newport Classic Homes, Marcus Hiles is a renowned Texas real estate investor and developer who has spent more than three decades creating properties that embody his vision of luxury living.