Western Rim Properties to Introduce Five New Developments in its Mansions Communities

Texas based property development firm Western Rim Properties is nearing the finish line for four of its upcoming 2019 rental complex additions. All part of the firm’s The Mansions rental communities that span across the state of Texas, two of the properties will open their doors in spring and the rest will come in the summer months later this year.

Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Properties
Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Properties

The Mansions luxury apartment rental complexes have become popular housing options with 19 different properties under the Western Rim’s property umbrella. This collection of properties has helped shape the standard of rental living in Texaswith accommodations that appeal to renters across diverse populations. The four new apartment developments will offer renters community living amenities including open park, work and dining spaces as well as pool and other recreational areas. The rental units that will be available in the upcoming months include one to four-bedroom apartments and townhouses that will be equipped with energy-efficient designs that offer high-end finishes including environmentally friendly appliances, granite countertops, custom flooring and private outdoor living spaces.

“Our Mansion properties focus in on providing accommodations and amenities that align with the wish lists of today’s renter communities while staying affordable. This has allowed us to continue building out new development projects as we continue to retain renters and transition would be home buyers into becoming long-term Mansion tenants,” shares CEO of Western Rim and 30-year veteran of the property industry, Marcus Hiles.

The locations of these new rental properties as well as those established in The Mansions portfolio over Western Rim’s 30-year run, are strategically constructed in and around city-center locations. This positioning has accommodated today’s young professionals and families, the current largest groups of renter populations, who want to live in close proximity to professional opportunities while also benefiting from popular shopping and business districts that offer an accommodating lifestyle. “Positioning our development projects in popular and up and coming locations allows residents more options and flexibility in both personal and professional aspects,” adds Marcus Hiles, the founder of the leading Texas firm that opened its doors in 1988.

As the opening dates of the four new Mansion property constructions near closer more details will be released on the specific housing options and amenities that will be offered. These properties are just a part of the 2019 development projects coming soon from Western Rim and will help to continue expansion of the firm’s presence even further across the state of Texas into the next several decades.

Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles Author

The Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Newport Classic Homes, Marcus Hiles is a renowned Texas real estate investor and developer who has spent more than three decades creating properties that embody his vision of luxury living.