Investment Opportunity is Growing Across the North Texas Community

Growing the North Texas startup community are new business events like this week’s North Texas Investor Pitch presented by the Addison group, Ten Capital.

Focused on corralling together investment opportunities local to the North Texas area, the event attracted both accredited investor groups and high quality startups to connect and stimulate the area’s new business ventures. Highlighted for the state’s recent spike in its position within the nation economy, it is no wonder the area is gaining more popularity for creating and investing in the future’s top talent.  

With a variety of business types as well as young and seasoned talent looking to hit big with the buzzing opportunities of Dallas and the surrounding metroplex, this networking event holds strong potential for creating an impact on the future commercial success of startups in the area. Allowing a variety of different presentations, the group shares, “The program provides an investor reverse pitch, startup pitches with an investor lead, and networking with other investors in the area.” This diversity allows investors to share opportunities amongst the group as well as help unknown businesses share their talent and the value they can bring to the market on a local, nation and even global scale.

Similar to many new startup focused programs that have been popping up across the state’s top metros, this event is new to the North Texas area with plans to continue each year. And it couldn’t come at a better time. Although one of many new business resources startups can tap into for creating a better network and plan for success – capital investment in the state has been known for its lack of funding and investor interest.

Texas entrepreneur and investor Marcus Hiles shares, “Historically investors have drawn to areas like New York City and Los Angeles as the top place for finding untapped opportunities. Now Dallas is making its way amongst the leaders to drive change and growth.”

This considered, the latest event by The Ten Capital highlights a new wave of entrepreneurial attraction that has looked to the state for untapped opportunities that in other metro areas are flooded with interest and all-time high costs. This new market opportunity lends itself to investors looking to take advantage of a young market as well as those businesses looking for their big break.

Marcus Hiles Author

The Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Newport Classic Homes, Marcus Hiles is a renowned Texas real estate investor and developer who has spent more than three decades creating properties that embody his vision of luxury living.