Property Developer Marcus Hiles Gives Computers to Inner City Students

Marcus Hiles, since he founded Western Rim Property Services twenty-five years ago, has been constructing affordable luxury rental homes equipped with unparalleled amenities. As a result, the company now oversees 15,000 properties in Texas. Hiles creates inspirational communities that ensure the growth and happiness among the residents. Read More:—-donates-computers-for-students-through-philanthropic-endeavors-2016-05-31 

Marcus Hiles Notes Importance Of Pet-Based Amenities

Jane Margolies explained in a Jan. 22, 2016 New York Times article the evolution of animal-oriented features from sporadic first appearances in 2000 to their prolific installations in 2016, noting, “When “pet spas” were introduced in high-end residential buildings a decade or so ago, they might have seemed like another flash-in-the-pan perk. But they’ve not […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses Benefits Of Natural Landscaping

When natural landscaping is correctly used for homes it generally requires very minimal upkeep when compared to other options, requiring no pesticides, fertilizers, or excess watering. Native plants have evolved and adapted to their surroundings over thousands of years, unlike traditional lawns, making them the ideal choice. If properly planted, they should be able to […]