Marcus Hiles On Austin Being the Top Place for Startups in America

How Property Developers are Impacted by California’s Housing Crisis

The state of California has had issues over the last several years with the inventory, availability and affordability of its housing market. With many residents pushed out of the market for these three factors, the solution has been to focus on building out housing developments and doing it fast. A local official even described a […]

The Top Cities to Work for Tech is Led by Those in Texas

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US with nearly 700k open jobs across the nation today. With the growing need for new talent to support this expanding market that has new businesses being established regularly, there are more than just major cities who have long dominated the market tapping […]

California Adds More Jobs Than Any Other State but Population Increases Remain Flat

According to California employment officials, the state added more jobs than any other in the nation. The latest reported increases for May came in at just over 19,000 new jobs which accounts for a quarter of the overall employment growth for the month across the country. With a leading position throughout a diverse network of […]

As Architecture Trends Outdoors, Marcus Hiles Discusses Popular Concepts

Austin, Texas Still Ranks a Top Place to Live in 2019

In 2018, Austin was voted the No. 1 place to live in America for the third year in a row and it remains a top location in the nation. Based on factors of affordability, employment opportunity and lifestyle, populations are coming to the city from both in state and out of state with now a […]

Populations are Turning to Rental Alternatives Across the Nation

According to a new report, rental rates across the nation are on the rise and the main driver centers around the home market. With younger demographics the primary group of today’s potential home buyers, studies show there is a dip in the home ownership rate for these generations when compared to their predecessors. Many economic […]

Texas Ranks as An Affordable Place to Live for Singles in 2019

As more Americans are making the decision to rent, a large group of this population are single and looking for locations to live in that offer opportunity and affordability. The rental market is not created equal with certain areas appealing to families, professionals, urban dwellers and also singles. A new study by SmartAsset put together […]

Home Ownership in Today’s Real Estate Market is a Challenge for Most Millennials

As the majority of the consumer market becomes saturated with younger generations, the economic climate and trends of the previous decades start to fade. This is certainly the case for the real estate market where younger generations are getting a late start to home buying. With the primary group of potential home buyers falling into […]

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House Prices Continue to Climb in the Austin Market

A new study by financial news network 24/7 Wall Street has reported price increases since the financial recession of 2008 to be rising at an alarming rate. Taking a look at the recession lows vs the current home prices across the US, the increase has been documented at nearly 70% through the first quarter in […]

Hiles Discusses $48.4 Billion Invesetment In Texas Businesses

High Tax Areas are Making Relocation Harder for Residents

Locations like California and New York who are historically known for their high tax rates are being impacted by residents who are seeking alternatives to move out and relocate to more affordable areas. However, with those rates rising, local and state officials are working to make it harder than ever. A new group of tax […]