As Architecture Trends Outdoors, Marcus Hiles Discusses Popular Concepts

The new property development trends shaping across top professional markets

Some of the leading young professional and most expensive property markets are coming up with unique ways to offer housing options to those who normally couldn’t afford them. The idea is called co-living developments; or apartment-style buildings that provide both separation and shared living spaces to renters. Catching on to young professionals looking to live […]


Marcus Hiles on the Wine Industry – A New Type of Disruption

Without any major disruption or game-changing production methods, how is it that the historically traditional wine industry has doubled its profits in the US market from $30 to $60 billion in the last two decades alone? What makes a centuries old industry that has not experienced much change achieve abrupt growth on a massive scale? Wine […]

Marcus Hiles Emphasizes Importance of Contributions to Make Both a Living and a Life

From West Coast to Midwest, Growth Trends are Mounting Across State Lines 

Much of the US has seen and even felt the impact dominating states such as New York, California and Massachusetts can have on economic climate for the entire country. Drawing in growing populations and corporate profits, these nationally leading states have long maintained an upper hand for attracting the best and in turn providing the […]

The US Market Trends for 2019

How does the US rank against other strong countries that are also standing as part of the building blocks for the global economy? Even with fluctuations hitting the nation’s stock market in 2018, the US was reported to have outperformed most major world indexes. With economic performance and corporate profits higher than other developed countries, […]

Buy or Rent in 2019

Buy or rent in 2019 is the topic being debated by populations looking to make their housing investment in the new year. Just less than two decades ago renting was not a readily available solution for most of the population where as now with a rush of development and new market categories, rental living can […]

The Future of Sustainable Energy and its Economic Impact

The Growing Consumption of Renewable Energy Alternatives and How the Economy is Benefitting DALLAS, January 12, 2019 -Renewable and reusable energies make up a small percentage of the nation’s energy consumption, but this market is growing and attracting much more than conscious consumers. Acting as an untapped resource across most industries, the opportunity presented with […]

The New Building Trends in the New York Rental Market That are Reducing Costs & Waste

As more restraints are being put on today’s developers building out the next generation of housing properties, a new wave of property styles are popping up that focus on efficiency of resource consumption and labor. The ability to reduce cost of investment and turn-around time is what most often stands in between a project idea […]

Marcus Hiles Discusses Latest Trends in Luxury Living

What Amazon’s HQ2 Decision Means for New York’s Long Island Housing Market

This week Amazon dropped some surprising news that not only were they going to enter two new locations with their HQ2 investment, one of those areas turns out to be Long Island, NY — home to an already top priced rental market. The choice many are calling unlikely has some surprising data to back up […]